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The 1977 Constitution did not change the description of the USSR flag. On August 15, 1980, by the Decree of the USSR PVS, a new edition of the "Regulations on the State Flag of the USSR" was adopted, which also did not make any changes to the description of the flag.

In the appendix to the new edition of the Regulation on the State Flag of the USSR, approved by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR of August 15, 1980 (approved by the USSR Law of October 23, 1980), the images of the sickle, hammer and stars were missing on the reverse side of the State Flag of the USSR. []


United Soviet Socialist Republic

15 August, 1980 - 26 December, 1991

United Soviet Socialist Republic

19 August, 1955 - 14 August, 1980

Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

09 January, 1954 - 22 August, 1991

Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic

17 December, 1952 - 23 August, 1990

Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic

29 August, 1952 - 01 September, 1991

Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic

21 November, 1949 - 28 January, 1992

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