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The flag of the Northwest Territories was chosen from 3,000 entries submitted to a nationwide design contest, won by Robert Bessant of Margaret, Manitoba.


1. The flag described in the Schedule is adopted as the flag of the Northwest Territories.

2. The national flag of Canada and the flag of the Northwest Territories shall always be present in the place where and during the time when the Legislative Assembly is in session.

3.This Act does not apply in that portion of the Territories described as Nunavut in section 3 of the Nunavut Act. S.N.W.T. 1999,c.1,Sch.B,s.1.

SCHEDULE (Section 1)

The flag is one of the proportions of two by length and one by width and consists of three vertical panels. The panels adjacent to the staff and on the fly are each 1/2 the width of the centre panel and are coloured blue (202-101). The centre panel is coloured white (513-201) and in the centre of the centre panel is the shield of the armorial bearings of the Northwest Territories.