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The flag of Greater Sudbury, Ontario was designed by Bruce Patterson, the Saguenay Herald of the Canadian Heraldic Authority. The design was registered with the Register of Arms, Flags and Banners on 15 December, 2003. On 13 May, 2004 the flag was donated to the City by the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE) Elizabeth Fry Chapter, Sudbury Branch.

"Branch President Laurel Scott and members Anadel Hastie and Judy Smith presented the flag to Greater Sudbury Mayor David Courtemanche. "On behalf of Council and the citizens of Greater Sudbury, I would like to thank the IODE Elizabeth Fry Chapter, Sudbury Branch for their generous contribution to our City," said Mayor Courtemanche.

The Canadian Heraldic Authority is responsible for the creation of new coats of arms, flags and badges for Canadian citizens and corporate bodies. The flag, which complements the City Crest, is for use at ceremonial occasions and will be placed in Council Chamber.

The primary colours of the flag are green and gold, similar to the City's corporate colors. According to the Heraldic Authority, green symbolizes hope, joy and loyalty. The origin of the word "green" lies in the ancient word "ghro" which means "grow and prosper". Green also appropriately recognizes that Greater Sudbury has positioned itself on the world stage as a leader in regreening.

The colour gold is associated with generosity, reason and immortality. It is also one of the most precious metals in the history of mankind, a precious metal that is able to stand the test of time. Pure gold is little affected by exposure to the elements and does not deteriorate. Like gold, the spirit of community does not deteriorate but is able to stand the test of time. The use of "gold" is also representative of the mineral rich nature of Greater Sudbury.

The flag features the shield elements of the City Crest - a traditional five point golden star and a series of stylized coniferous trees. The north star is a traditional guide for navigation. The north star is also symbolic of Greater Sudbury as the leading City of northeastern Ontario, the hub of the north. According to the Heraldic Authority, a five point star can also represent the characteristics of a good citizen, which are fortitude, loyalty, righteousness, prudence, and broad-mindedness.

The coniferous trees represent the original old growth white pine forests that once covered this area of Northern Ontario. The lumber industry is one of the original industries of Greater Sudbury. The trees also represent the regreening efforts of the past quarter century, the effect of which will be most evident in this century. The white pine serve to honour those who participated in the regreening of Greater Sudbury." [FOTW, via the Greater Sudbury web site; since removed]


Greater Sudbury

15 December, 2003 - Present

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