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On 31 October, 1996, Proclamation No. 48/1996 - A Proclamation To Amend the Flag And Emblem Proclamation (Proclamation No. 16/1996) came into effect. The amended proclamation states in Para 2.1 "The Flag shall have the colours; green at the top, yellow at the middle and red at the bottom together with a National Emblem of circular blue background. The Emblem shall be set at the centre of the Flag in such a way that its circumference curves on the mid-point of the width of both the green and red colours.'



28 August, 2009 - Present


31 October, 1996 - 28 August, 2009


06 February, 1996 - 31 October, 1996

Transitional Government of Ethiopia

28 May, 1991 - 06 February, 1996

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