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This variant flag of Andorra was first codified in the Law on the Use of State Signs passed on 20 June, 1996 by the General Council and came into force as of its publication in the Official Bulletin on 10 July, 1996:


2) Traditional Andorran flag

The flag of the Principality of Andorra has traditionally been formed of three equal adjacent vertical stripes: the first, beside the flagpole, is blue, the second, in the middle, is yellow, and the third is red.

The coat of arms of the Principality of Andorra is placed in the centre of the flag, on the yellow stripe; however, it may be omitted, particularly when the flag is reproduced in certain small-scale or specific formats, such as tapes, where it may be represented solely by three adjacent stripes in blue, yellow and red.



10 July, 1996 - Present


04 May, 1993 - Present

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